Clouds Tried To Ruin The Sunset, But They Became Cotton In Its Grasp

This was a fierce traveling day, the 1st of 5 doing a bus tour of the Highlands, Isle of Sky, Inverness.  The bus driver–a red bearded chain smoking witty fellow by the name of Dave–kept up an incessant combination of historical reference, random observations that popped into his head, and awful jokes punctuated by a wilting half laugh. A lovely guy, perfect for the international mix on our bus.

The picture of the day is our final destination, Oban, nestled in Oban Bay, one of many quaint towns that has a distinctly European feel, as we grabbed takeaway fish and chips from the self proclaimed “Best seafood in Scotland” and sat down on a bench by the water, nestling in what they told us is a rare respite from rain.  The sun fell, the sky sang orange, and I fell willing victim once again to the greatest cliche in photography – the beautiful sunset. But Mein Gott, it was a bit of heaven and I cherished it.  Til next time!


One thought on “Clouds Tried To Ruin The Sunset, But They Became Cotton In Its Grasp

  1. NICE WRITE…NICE SHARE!! But I am still patiently awaiting a Murder Mystery From You My Ole Friend! We have an apartment open now..for …like a year!! So…. WHEN ARE YOU COMING BACK TO US HERE IN PARADISE? x0x0x

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