Great Scot…land. I’ve Done It!

Edinburgh Spire
Edinburgh Spire

Day 1 – Edinburgh, Scotland
On our way here, we took 2 year old WOW Airlines, a low fare bargain airline based out of Iceland replete with lots and lots of purple that charges you for everything and STILL comes out hundreds of dollars cheaper than any other airline. As it turned out, as long as you fuel up in the US with water and snacks and food BEFORE you get on the plane, it’s truly a lovely flying experience…considerably better than any of the US domestic airline hell-on-earth service experiences. Everything at WOW is purple, filled with clever quotes, icy, beautiful blonde Icelandic flight attendants, and friendly service. The space for your legs is very good AND an electric plug beneath every seat *bonus*.

Anyhow…7.5 hrs SFO to Reykjavik, a 2 hr layover, then a fairly quick flight to Edinburgh. Took one of those wacky but efficient UK cabs with the fold down seats for 4, drive past lots of masonry stone houses and castle like structures and actual castles sooted with black streaks over centuries: Edinburgh feels old, venerable, but not rundown at all. Super exciting to see the castle perched up on the mountain off the Royal Mile.

Once my companions and I got settled in, I took out the camera rig and start snapping. A turn down a charming lane or two, and we come across this epic spire. Straight out of a Ken Follett novel – gorgeous!

One final note – to have a pint of stout in a UK style pub is to understand people who care a great deal about beer. When I asked why my Guinness extra cold on draft was taking so long, the bartender replied, “She’s resting. I canna pour you ’til she’s ready.”    I shrunk back in my shoes, feeling like the proverbial ugly American. When he brought it out to me a bit later, it had bar none, the best malty head on it I’d ever tasted. Heaven in a glass. Resting, indeed.

Guinness on tap in Edinburgh is bar none, the best Guinness I've ever had.
Guinness on tap in Edinburgh is bar none, the best Guinness I’ve ever had.

Join me in the coming days on this photoblog for my trials and tribulations through this great and lovely country.


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