Kick The Giant Steel Horse, And He’ll Hurt Your Big Toe Without Moving An Inch

The bus drives on northward and we land near the Kelpies, a pair of 50 meter high giant stainless steel horses with rivets as big as canned hams and full of relentless silent judgment looking down upon us all.  They went up in 2013, so they’re a new anomaly in a stunning land that cherishes its soot stained historic brick masonry.  To my dismay so far, Scotland is enjoying an epic bout of summer sun; more blue sky than clouds this first week.  I’m melting in it, while Dave the Bus Driver wears shorts instead of his kilt, and he and the other pale skin types turn lobster red, as we’d all prepared for gloom. It can change, so I’m hoping! Weather is all about timing; one lady said her daughter toured 2 weeks ago and they couldn’t see anything through the constant deluge.  Dave says it’s been since June that they’ve actually seen anything close to this, and it’s supposed to be like this all week. Bah. My first world heat complaints fall on deaf deity ears.

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