Cap’n Ahab Lost A Whale On A Mountain

Whale On Paris Hill, Saba, Dutch Caribbean
Whale On Paris Hill, Saba, Dutch Caribbean

I Love Paris (Hill) In The Springtime

Continuing a three day Thais Hill photo extravaganza; Thais affords you views of all the villages on the Saba except Hell’s Gate. It’s one of two big hills–the other being Paris Hill–that flank The Road’s descent to Fort Bay harbor from The Bottom. I’ve read a lot of literature and websites on Saba and find it interesting that virtually no one mentions the whale atop Paris Hill (in the picture, viewed from Thais Hill), because visitors refer to it a lot. For locals, I suppose this is a consequence of grew-up-here-familiarity, but it is rather cool. If you look closely (or click on the pic to make it full sized), this fella has a shrub eye and blowhole, and even a rudimentary mouth.

Perfectly fitting that he–or is it a she?–is trying to get off the mountain and into those blue waters. Good luck wit’ dat, Mr. Large Fluke.

Today, I did a gorgeous early AM hike down the ridge to Spring Bay and up Kelby’s Ridge with Michael Chammaa, Brigadoon’s chef extraordinaire, and very very fit dude. I’m glad he slowed it up a little for my big Hawaiian self…gotta get back there with camera in hand. A goat even posed for a sun silhouette; missed opportunities! I also think a climb up Paris Hill is calling my name…and soon. So much still to see on this most excellent rugged rock.

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