Long Grass Off The Not So Beaten Path

Eastern View of Saba's South Coast From Thais Hill, Dutch Caribbean
Eastern View of Saba’s South Coast From Thais Hill, Dutch Caribbean

So, Uh, How Do I Get Up There?

I’ve traversed all but one of Saba’s official trails now, so I figured its time to start going off trail, beginning with Thais Hill, a big rounded hill with a plateau that divides St John’s and The Bottom, figuring it would give me some decent new views. I stopped by Major’s house on the way there and he and a friend pointed to an alley between houses, a march across a dip of yellow long grass, and then meandering up through the scrub. Though I’ve been told its generally ok to walk where you want on the island, I’m always cautious about walking across someone’s property without permission; leftover from the states I guess.

In any case, it was pretty fun up there…expectations well met. Again, the dramatic Caribbean cloudscapes on the horizon added their drama, and this is a black and white photo looking East over St Johns–Windwardside in the distance–looks like it could’ve been taken in the 40’s. Tres cool, non?

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