Little House On The Caribbean Prairie

I visited Tricia down in Lower Hell’s Gate and came upon this little house perched quietly on the cliff, fronted by a messy tangle of foliage above the great Caribbean expanse, looking out on a bright, almost nuclear-lit horizon in the wake of good storm, with Statia presiding in the right upper corner. It’s interesting to me how our visual brain discards all the noisy information it sees in a scene like this when you’re looking at it, and all that cluttery detail reappears when you look at what the camera’s eye saw. Post processing for me is really painting the picture as close as I can to what I see in my mind’s eye when I take it. Some purist photographers disregard these processing techniques, but in the end, it’s all about aesthetics to me; you like an image or don’t, for reasons you may or may not understand, or it gives you pause to examine its detail, or you turn the page or click onwards…

2 thoughts on “Little House On The Caribbean Prairie

  1. I’m not sure about living in this little house???? Definitely not me! Way to much on the cliff. It does leave a lot of questions for me!

  2. Loving your photography. I completely agree with what you’re saying about the clutter reappearing and how all you are doing is removing it again to recapture the experience. You’re doing a wonderful job of presenting Saba as it feels in the moment, instead of relying on the limited abilities of the camera to capture an experience.

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