The House Of Sand And Fog


English Quarter Ramble

Yet another century or more old shuttered house whose owners are probably abroad and may never return. I was doing my best itinerant vagabond imitation in the English Quarter, returning from a visit with a friend with a bad knee and a penchant for 1 pack a day kill sticks when I
I saw the fog rolling fast over Mt Scenery, and below it, this lovely place nestled within lush foliage and flowers.

I’m a hack photographer compared to so many others–even on this island–but if you put a monkey in a room and have him pound at the keys of the typewriter…or laptop, in modern adage…eventually, he types the Gideon Bible. I get lucky a lot, and I’m on a tiny island rife with explorable nooks and crannies that yield treasure views.

3 thoughts on “The House Of Sand And Fog

  1. Loving your blog! I’m in Somers, CT but my grandparents were born on Saba. Say hello to my cousins Eddie (swinging door saloon owner) and his twin, Al who is in Saba now visiting from New Jersey. I would love to come down…which I might…I’m a flight attendant for UAL. For now however I am thoroughly enjoying your blog and pictures!!! Thank you!

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