Video Killed The Photo Star

And Now For Something Completely Different (Video)

We got a cool short video clips of Saba., including the plane takeoff from the shortest commercial runway in the world. I sure hope this works, it took 45 minutes to upload (thanks Scout’s Place) Would love reader feedback and comments on this first ever video of Saba hiking I made during a couple hikes with my brother down to Spring Bay and up Mt Scenery. Those who haven’t been here yet should get a good sense of the varied terrain and scale, while those who know and love Saba will either have fond remembrances of certain trails or get their hiking feet on and get back on the trails if they’re here 😉 Keep in mind, my brother Michael and I had a little bit o’ goofin’ around doing this video.

Sorry for the late post today, I’ve been on an all morning early hike and spent this evening trying to load this vid up.

Have fun & please comment as it suits ya. We’ll return to our regular scheduled photos in the coming days. Cheers!

Back Off The Periscope, There’s A Wide Merman Down Here!

Saba Diving, Photos By Michael Siu
Saba Diving, Photos By Michael Siu

Yep. That’s me above, skin diving in the beautiful Saba pinnacles and Tent Reef. My brother Michael snapped all of these photos. We have lots more Saba dive photos to come from even better underwater photographers, but this will suffice for now, eh? Under the water or above it, Saba rocks!

Cotton Candy Coated Clouds Crawl Like Cats On The Mountain

Cloudscapes, Mt Scenery From Booby Hill
Cloudscapes, Mt Scenery From Booby Hill

In No Sense, Nunsense

I saw my brother off on the plane this afternoon after an intense twelve days, rambled up Hell’s Gate in record time following beautiful girls who just happened to be walking up as well, realized I forgot today’s blogpost, attempted to meet a French scientist in The Bottom, chatted with mi amigo Michael Irish, and at long last, here I be with you, listening to the wind blow fiercely here in St John’s. C’est la vie here on Saba, friends. Small wonder I’m sharing these floaty, cloudscapes over the mountain, eh? Just that kinda mood.

May you have a wonderful day ahead or behind you!

Bug, Sweat, and Fears: Hiking A Place of Quasi-Infinite Happiness

Michael Siu On The Sandy Cruz Trail, Saba, Dutch Caribbean
Michael Siu On The Sandy Cruz Trail, Saba, Dutch Caribbean

The Joy of Hiking The Rainforest

The locals and expats who live on the island of Saba often cite the Sandy Cruz trail as their favorite. Sandy Cruz traverses the north side of the island across several guts, and does so almost entirely under the cooling canopy of rainforest flora, excepting one short breakout strip that has a 180 degree vantage point to the wide Caribbean.

The other thing about hiking the trails of Saba other than Mt Scenery is that they are more often than not lightly traveled; its possible to spend a couple hours out and see no one, just the chirping of tropical birds, the wind in the giant leaves, the chatter of occasional rain onto the canopy above. On Sandy Cruz, there’s very few biting insects as well and it tends to be cooler, so it’s all the benefits of a jungle atmosphere to love without the mosquito kill slaps to the neck.

If you’ve read my Saba blogposts, I rarely have people as part of my landscape photos, but I caught my visiting brother Michael looking up as we were crossing one particular gut; reminding me not concentrate so hard on the trail that I forget to look up in the rainforest. Some gorgeous interplay of giant ferns, elephant ears and some of the amazing trees on Saba make for a beautiful canopy. You also get a sense of scale in this wet, wonderful wilderness.

In post processing for this picture,I desaturated the overwhelming green of the rainforest to get the red browns of the trail and the swinging vines to pop out around my brother. Michael is an exceptional photographer himself–check out his photos here–and we both dug the result, so here it is for your viewing pleasure.

Novel Update

Forty pages in and a plot line bubble sheet that resembles the doodle drawings of an asylum patient, the book effort continues to form as I forge forward each morning, getting my 500-1000 words in before heading outside for the day. I try not to re-read what I’ve written too much so as to avoid the infinite editing loop and/or get discouraged…this is still the precious draft period, so gotta get it all out of the muse first.

Have a glorious day, folks! It’s back to the ocean depths for my bro and I today.