All Good Cottages Must Come To A Decent End…Or Do They?

Windwardside Cottage
Windwardside Cottage

Someone always knows who the owner of a local cottage is…but not me. Still..something about this simple Saban cottage in WIndwardside typifies the lovely architecture. Enjoy. PIctures that make my quality cut are dwindling down…not much left. So enjoy these gems while you can 🙂


3 thoughts on “All Good Cottages Must Come To A Decent End…Or Do They?

  1. If I am right this house is just up; from The Brigadoon….same side! We had a friend and fellow animal lover living there when we first moved here to Saba. One Nancy Pape. She had a kind heart and sweet ways, and kept that house as nice as possible thought way back then…14 years ago, it needed work done for true!!! Now it sits empty. I believe you should purchase it with your brother Michael, and over the times…fix it up!!! Smile still thinking on you and Saba!!

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