An Iguana With A Wet Hacking Cough Runs The Power Plant

Fort Bay Harbor, Saba, Dutch Caribbean
Fort Bay Harbor, Saba, Dutch Caribbean

The series of diesel pipes visible on the main building in this harbor photo are the Linzy Power Plant, conveniently built down in the harbor such that when a hurricane warning is imminent, it has to shut down, thereby shutting down electricity to the island for the duration of the warning or storm event. Now, to be fair, they likely built it down there to have easy access to both cooling water and the diesel barges that come in weekly. Moreover, we had only a couple blackouts while I was on Saba, and power was generally restored pretty quickly; I’m told the plant prides itself on rapid restoration of power. I’m told the surge waves of most tropical storms that get within 100 miles of Saba reach the level of the Saba Deep sign on the far left of the cluster of buildings (click to see full sized photo), which means they fully engulf all the harbor buildings. Ah, rugged hurricane life on Saba. On the positive side, Saba hasn’t had a big hurricane event since Omar in 2008. Before that was Lenny in 1999 and Georges in 1998.

One thought on “An Iguana With A Wet Hacking Cough Runs The Power Plant

  1. Yea it happens when ever they have to add a news home or building on to the ” Current Line” that runs above ground via poles/lines, now in the process of putting them under ground.

    We on the other hand on our property and restaurant we have back up gas generators@! HIP HIP HORAY!! I say, especially if Dr. Phil or and of my favoriteCrime Shows are on….I truly suffer from “Video Raphobia!” ( Fear of leaving one’s t.v. for to long!! HEE HEE , but happily true. ) I was out and about for my living and life style for years…finally a bit of a home body.. KEEP up the writing, and drop a line soon.

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