Boobys Everywhere, But Not A Drop (of Water) To Drink

Bob and Marie Climb Old Booby Hill
Bob and Marie Climb Old Booby Hill

Two Against The Hill

Old Booby Hill stands off on its own between the Windwardside Level and Spring Bay. It’s an absolutely wonderful diversion off trail hike from the Spring Bay trail saddle, and a mere 20 minutes of scrambling up low scrub nets you fantastic views of Saba’s south coast that you can’t see without an airplane or being on a boat offshore: a full view of Hell’s Gate all the way from the airport up to Mt Scenery, as well as the rugged sea cliffs directly below The Level. I rambled up the summit earlier this week with UK Bob the builder and his artsy crafty French wife Marie. This picture captures just a smidgeon of the many grand views from the Old Booby Hill summit, as well as the short, but steep little climb to get there. I recommend this hike strongly, as a surprising number of locals and long term expats have never done this fulfilling side excursion in the many years they’ve been here. It was Bob and Marie’s first time in the seven years they’ve been here.

By the way, New Booby Hill (simply called Booby Hill) is on the way to The Level, and has many expansive homes with fantastic views.

2 thoughts on “Boobys Everywhere, But Not A Drop (of Water) To Drink

  1. I’ve always wondered how an island this small wound up with two hills named after boobs. Never understood the old versus new distinction – was one there before the other??

    1. Archaeologically speaking, human activity has occurred on Old Booby Hill since Pre-Colonial times, as they’ve found Carib Indian artifacts up there and the remains of an old sugar cane foundation and boiler can be found on the Spring Bay trail on the way to Old Booby. So I suspect this lookout hill was simply named a lot earlier than the area with the relatively posh large acreage residences in the current day Booby Hill.

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