Soaked By Frustrated Skies, We Held Court In A Tub Of Coleslaw But No One Showed

The streets of York curve in a variety of angles, lined on either side by high brick buildings of an interminable age. The effect then is that as you walk along the city’s narrow sidewalks and if you ever bother to look up, you feel hemmed into narrow passageways that disappear around corners, and who knows if you’ll make it out alive. Melodramatic viewpoints helped by skies that will piss rain when they please, stoic, polite British stalwarts whose families have lived here for centuries, and me loping along with a laptop cradled under my right arm and the camera dangling off a strap in my left hand.

Enjoy the eccentricity of it all with a pint of Guinness poured at the local pub, and the bliss comes for free.

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