We Build Too Many Walls And Not Enough Bridges

Sunrise On Big Red
Sunrise On Big Red

The Golden Gate Bridge is so iconic that pictures of it become almost cliche, like, perhaps the Grand Canyon or Eiffel tower or such. Like those other icons, being there is a far larger experience than any image could capture, including how vivid its color “International Orange” is up close and personal.

As part of the new fitness routine, I bike across the bridge every weekend, and I still marvel at what a feat of engineering it is, spinning across its western bike path and looking out beyond the great Pacific Ocean and on the east, sunrise on San Francisco, Alcatrez, and tiny triangles of sailboats who’ve made the early sojourn.

This pic is a stop at the Warming Hut beneath its base, prior to ascent and crossing. Another glorious day in San Francisco.

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