In The Time Of Chimpanzees, I Was A Monkey

Sara's Airport Seen From The Walk To Hell's Gate, Saba, Dutch Caribbean
Sara’s Airport Seen From The Walk To Hell’s Gate, Saba, Dutch Caribbean

Ah, the places I must return to. Work and cubicle dwelling has started in the big city, but it’s not irony for me to remember sometimes, at 8am on weekdays, that not long ago at this same time o’ day, I was rambling down the roller coaster Road on Saba, visiting Tricia and Michael or maybe just going down to the airport so I could time myself from Flat Point to Big Rock Market (best time: 32 minutes in my waning days on the island). When you wind around English Quarter out of Windwardside and start the short climb towards the base of Upper Hell’s Gate, you have about 10 yards where visibility down the steep cliffs to the airport is unobscured. Here it is. Good memories.

Behave, amigos, or don’t. Life is too short to be consistent 😉

4 thoughts on “In The Time Of Chimpanzees, I Was A Monkey

  1. NICE SHOT!!!! We miss you rambling all over the island here as well!!! I have re rented the cottage to a woman from Holland…do miss you bunches!!!! Enough said. Things are slowing down at The Brigadoon. You Saw our recent award Trip Adviser….TOP 10% IN THE WORLD!! Well surly you know a good chef who can carry the torch and wants to live in Paradise??!! CHEERS!! x0x0x

  2. Missing You!!!!! Love the salts!!!!! SO do all the folks that get the little wooden holder with the pinch holes!!! Classy Guy You Are!!! X0X0X0X0X0X

  3. Saba and friends are missing our writer/singer/hiker friend there in Calif.!!! How are you doing back in the real world? Come back soon!!! How is the Murder coming along???

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