The Knack Of Flying Lies In Learning How To Throw Yourself At The Ground And Miss

KLM 747 Lands In St Maarten
KLM 747 Lands In St Maarten

Many tourists on Sint Maarten like cram themselves into a small stretch of beach across the street from the airport landing strip, where large jet planes come in over the water and land dramatically. Moreover, it’s even crazier to see them line up to align with the jet wash from planes taking off, and get blown all over the sand and into the turquoise waters like human beach balls, kinda like that scene from the movie Pushing Tin, where Billy Bob Thornton entices John Cusack’s character to get thrown into the air by jet wash.

It was a stormy, overcast Easter day when I left Saba, which is a 12-15 minute prop flight over to Sint Maarten. Since i had a few hours before my plane took off, I walked over to this a beach cafe with the Canadians Ingrid and Harry (they come to Saba to help Crocodile James maintain the trails), who were also on their way home, and we sat back and watched the fun.

One thought on “The Knack Of Flying Lies In Learning How To Throw Yourself At The Ground And Miss

  1. YEA, I LOVE THIS BAR, SUN SET BEACH BAR, WHERE GIRLS WHO WILL DRINK TOPLESS- SITTING- AT- THE- BAR-DRINK- FOR -FREE!!! ( I Personally know nothing about this…my nose may be growing a bit…heee her!!) But the real truth is, I feel sorry for the dumb folks whom try to get under the jets, and consume the blast, some with children in strollers!!!! I feel that years down the road their internal organs, brain, etc, will suffer from this extreme blast!!! Unlike a pressure chamber, which is even pressure, this is a blast from a jet!!!!!!!!! Think on it for a bit!!!! IT IS EXTREME!! NOT FOR TRICIA!!! Though I have done some pretty dumb tings in my day;;;; x0x0x0?????

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