Raincloud Horizon On A Saban Easter

Raincloud Horizon, Saba, Dutch Caribbean
Raincloud Horizon, Saba, Dutch Caribbean

As readers of my blog know, Saba has been in a drought condition for quite a while. The day I left the island, it was raining steadily on Easter Sunday, as it had the day before, some respite to the parched little Caribbean isle. I snapped my last shots from the balcony of Tricia and Michael Chammaa’s apartments in Lower Hell’s Gate, and managed to get this gorgeous and dramatic horizon.

Here’s to many more rainy days like this for my Saban friends. April showers and all that good stuff.

2 thoughts on “Raincloud Horizon On A Saban Easter

  1. Hey Chaz, See the three story bldg. to the right of our property..Well it is for sale and if you and Say… Brother Michael and “We” could invest and purchase this Only -Three- Story- Bldg. on the Island…and make three amazing floors with sliding doors at the sea end of this bldg. for view!! And rent three Amazing Flats That is until you move here. We could make a bridge over to the pool from this property easy!!!! This is a nice shot from our back yard, Glad you stayed with us, easy ride down to the airport, and last minute delivery is easy from this distance!!! X0X0X0X

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