The Winding Road Gathers Chess Playing Rock Rats

The Road Winds Down To Fort Bay, Saba, Dutch Caribbean
The Road Winds Down To Fort Bay, Saba, Dutch Caribbean

Planes, Trains, and Automobiles

10am WinAir flight out on this sunny Easter Sunday, a fifteen minute jaunt over to Saint Maarten, where I’ll switch off to USAir, bop over to Charlotte, North Carolina, then across the expansive continental US, landing in San Francisco International Airport near midnight, a taxi to my brother’s place in Bernal Heights, a sleepover, then a BART train to the city, where I’ll walk a couple blocks to my loft, pick up my keys, drop my bags off, journey to Sacramento via Zipcar to retrieve my furry friends Snoopy and Lucy; they will meow the whole way back, no doubt, as they are unfond of car rides.

*Sigh* Exit island life, back to city life. Saba is an utterly lovely island. If you haven’t been, then go. You’ll see. If you have been, well, isn’t it about time you planned that return trip? In any case, put it on your bucket list, regardless, and find all the places I took my photos. See, a scavenger hunt challenge 😉

As for this blog, it probably transitions from a travel blog to a blog of adventures in SFO, though daily blogposts are unlikely to continue…that’s high commitment with regular life. But that’s ok, I imagine. One writer’s sojourn to the tropics becomes a traversal through quirky city life.

So long, and thanks for all the fish! See you in San Francisco…soon, I hope.

10 thoughts on “The Winding Road Gathers Chess Playing Rock Rats

  1. Hoi Chaz,
    Have a smooth journey home. Remember life is a journey even at home. I am sure you will bring back good memories. But you left very good ones for us. I enjoyed your being here.You even got me to work a bit more with calamari/octopus, and now i have a nice calamari salad on the saturday night live grill.
    Anyway lets keep meeting on the internet and who knows, SF has been on my bucket list. But first New York this summer.
    Bye bye Chaz,


    1. M – you’re a talented chef, and an even better individual. Lets keep in touch, and I will fondly remember our chats and the Saturday night mixed grill 😉

      1. Saturdaynight sunsets with the puffs from Montserrat and a trio of brochettes from Michel add up to a perfect Saturday evening…

  2. The end of such a awesome unforgettable trip to such beautiful sights. All kinds of memories to retain! Thank you for all the sharing! Safe trip home! Talk soon!

  3. Hope I get to see you some day again in saba when I’m there, you are always welcome to stay at my house in the extra bedroom, just ask Tricia to let me know, hasto be when I’m there, I go in May which I know is too soon, but will go again in December about the 4th for a couple of weeks. Also shout if you ever come to Colorado!

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