Wheels In Motion, So Is The Ocean, But The Clouds Go Kaput

The Road, Windwardside, Saba, Dutch Caribbean
The Road, Windwardside, Saba, Dutch Caribbean

T-5 and I’m headed home to San Francisco. 82 pages to the novel in progress. Scars from numerous hikes here….but happy to have’em. This cartoon-like picture of The Road leading to the English Quarter section of Windwardside has vehicles in it, which is usually a no no, but hey, it’s real life in Saba. As you can see, colors are vibrant in the village still, though they’re quite brown on the slopes, guts, and ridges below as a result of the drought. Even looking at my Dec-Jan photos of the island reminded me how dry it is here now vs how green it was in Dec. Brutal.

3 thoughts on “Wheels In Motion, So Is The Ocean, But The Clouds Go Kaput

  1. Well as I now count down the few days till” my- new-good-life-long-friend” Chaz is leaving all of us here in Saba, I am saddened. Yes he has a life to return to, but Wow Did His Parents ever raise a talented ,kindhearted, handsome, fun-loving Man!! (Don’t forget his brother that graced our Island as well, TALENT RUNS IN THE FAMILY!!) I have to have his brother Michael’s coffee-table-book, ON MINE!!! (And will have it soon, after it is autographed of course!!)
    Thank you for the friendship that touched my life,Awesome stories shared,Photo’s of everyone and the Entire Island, you’ve taught me things about Saba I didn’t know, and I have lived here now starting our 14th year!!
    Thank You also for your support of The Brigadoon and the neat video of My Michael’s climbing talents!! ALL I CAN SAY IS SAN FRAN HERE I COME!!!!!! x0x0x0x0x Tricia

    1. Tricia – you and Michael are generous and sweet to me during my time on the island. lotsa love and you’re welcome anytime in San Francisco!

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