Beyond The Wide, Wild Blue Yonder Lies Da Castle Of My Faddah

St Johns, Saba, Dutch Caribbean
St Johns, Saba, Dutch Caribbean

One Quiet Saban Afternoon

Sorry ’bout the missed post yesterday. I was diving all morning…two months of diving and I finally see my first green moray eel at dive site 3rd Encounter, sitting at the top of The Needle, then we spotted an even bigger green moray–a big fat boy–at Babylon. Rock the house! Saba diving is awesome. Anyhow, I came back from the dive and walked directly over to Windwardside, running around doing errands and forgot about the blog until I got back home late, then I was so tired I conked out as I was posting. Alrighty then.

Snapped this tranquil afternoon from my front yard when I got home from the dive. Byootful, eh?

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