Oh, The Places We’ll Go

Hiking Trails, Saba, Dutch Caribbean

Hiking On A Semi-Dormant Volcano

I take pictures of the signs on Saba….the village signs, the trail signs. It’s a little goofy, but there’s a charm to it. The magic of the hiking here is that it’s not only traversing lushly adorned tropical terrain, but it’s quite safe in terms of creatures. The snakes here are completely mellow, and unlike San Francisco/Bay Area where poison oak and ivy often mandate long pants, about the worst things you’ll get here is the occasional stinging nettles and a wasp nest. On the other hand, being cautious on the lichen slippery rocks is important, as folks injure themselves and their noggins from time to time. The Saba Conservation Bureau is diligent–albeit undermanned–in their efforts to keep the trails accessible for Saba’s visitors. This picture is just a sampling from my go-round on the island the other day…more to come, but I love hiking here by myself. It’s a joy.

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