6 thoughts on “Saba Photo Gallery (So Far)

    1. K
      After a month of research, cultural acclimation, and info gathering, the writing routine officially started yesterday. So we shall see…the distraction free chill environment is perfect for me!

  1. Hi, Chaz. I am so happy that Trisha brought you to lunch the other day. It was very nice to meet yoou and now I have a place to get my Saba fix till we can return. Keep it coming (please).

    Mary Jean

    1. Mary Jean:
      Great meeting you and RJ! Hopefully, we’ll meet down here sometime in the future, and go diving together, mayhaps?..
      Cheers & thanks for visiting the blog!

  2. Hello Chaz.this is Lillian from Saba.I was Amazed st d Photo of My Grandmother’s House on St John’s.I am now a Registered Nurse.Graduated Nov 2019.Still living on St John’s.I have been through some Tragedies but through God’s Grace and Mercy I am Standing Strong.Thanks again for the Portrait.

    1. Nice to hear from you, Lillian & congratulations on your nursing degree & glad to hear you are well! You & I spent some very nice time together conversing back in 2012; I look back on it fondly!

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